Be the Change You Wish to Sea (2018, The Crystal GMs)

Sit down, you scattered sea-folk: listen as the Spirits sing of the world that was. Of green hills and sandy shores, now swallowed by the rolling waves; of the great cities of old, starting with the wondrous Atlantis, drowned long ago.

Nearly all of the land has sunk beneath the sea, and those who survive have been confined to ships, living as adventurous pirates; transformed into... (read more)

It was a day like any other. The sun was shining through the trees. Birds were singing. You were going about your normal day.

And then, without warning, there was a piercing wail. Was it the fire alarm? A siren? No, it was coming from your room. Your normal, ordinary, room. Specifically, from a shard of mirror that you’d picked up years ago, kept as a curiosity. That had never before done... (read more)

Tetrana is a small but ancient and prosperous kingdom. Its most distinctive feature is its strong caste system, which divides every individual into a rigid caste based on affinity to one of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water, or Earth. Each caste has rigidly defined roles and a strict place in the social hierarchy.

Most unusually, however, every 100 years a mystical Convergence of the four... (read more)

A Midsummer Night and the Livin' Is Easy (2009, Iron GM)

  • By John Brewer, Naomi Knapp, Ada Nakama, Conor Walsh, Naomi Wixon
    • 5 - 12 players
    • 2 hours

It's summertime in 1920's Chicago; the swing is jumping and the gin is flowing easy. In the speakeasy "The Ass's Bottom," Oberon is throwing a revel, and everything was going smooth until his and Titania's son is found dead on the floor. Private dicks have been summoned to find out whodunit before the witching hour has passed. With scheming fae around,... (read more)