The introductory episode of the Frostborne Cycle of Dark Summonings. Uses Rules To Live By. 4 hours. 10-20 players. 3-4 GMs.

You have journeyed long and far to find the fabled well said to grant wishes once every hundred years. Your carpet gave out back at the last mountain, and you're almost out of sandwiches, but you made it! Except now, the wishing well is broken. You and the talking squirrel agree: this is a most improper way for a quest to end! What's a motley assortment of wishers to do?

Wishing Well is a... (read more)

This game was written at the Intercon XVI dead dog party. Drew was showing off his pants and having had a severe lack of sleep that weekend, I decided to write a game about it. The character parts in the game are all famous, or infamous, items of the core LARPA community.

This is a trading game where the objects traded actually form the characters. Players get three items and... (read more)

This is the one page summary document of the You are Your own GM (YaYoG) system. YaYoG empowers players to make decisions and ruling without needing to find a GM or interrupt the flow of the game. However, you are still beholden to the rules of the game, to the rules of drama, and to being fair. It becomes your job to make the game more enjoyable for everyone; luckily, you are empowered... (read more)

[Your Game Here] By [Your Name Here] (2007, Interactivities Ink)

  • By Mike Young
    • 6 - 9 players

A silly little larp that you help write. You fill in the blanks and create your characters and plots. Every run is different.

1-1.5 hours. 6-9 players. No GM Needed.