Strangers on a Bus (1995, Bruce Glassco)

  • By Bruce Glassco
    • 5 players

Strangers on a Bus is an example of a micro game: a game that involves minimal time in writing, set-up, and play. It is designed to introduce new players to some of the most basic concepts of live gaming, through the hoary cliche of switched briefcases. In a sense, it is live action in its most stripped down form, being to a real game what a roller skate is to a Rolls-Royce.

A Microgame for 5 players... (read more)

Tempus Frangit (2005, Interactivities Ink)

  • By Mike Young
    • 10 players
    • 3 hours

The winning game of the 2005 Iron GM LARP competition. A three hour game for 10 players and 2 GMs

We were given twenty four hours and three topics: The Illuminati, The Kaballah, and Enhanced Humans. We had to write a full LARP for 10 people that ran in 2 hours. It was intense, and scary, and a blast. I managed to squeek in right under the deadline, as did the other team. We both took a break and... (read more)

A game about relationship building and consent. Players interact with a partner to define their characters, go on the eponymous third date, and explore the budding sexual relationship through touch and consent gaining.

Time Travel Review Board (2008, Alleged Entertainment)

Tragically-killed puppies. Embarassing TV gaffes. Burned toast.

These everyday tragedies are relics of the past now that time travel has been invented! But who will safeguard the past from those who would tamper with it for malicious purposes?

On December 1st, the Time Travel Review Board of the NSF will review all applications for time travel permits leaving during the year of 2104.... (read more)

You f*cked it all up. You had a month to work together, to build your connections with those who unknowingly depend on you, to build your power and wrest the world back from the Shadows. But no one could agree who to trust, and in-fighting and deceit made your well-functioning team into a bunch of pathetic losers. And now Death Himself stalks the skies, and your university and the entire town lie in ruins.... (read more)

Trapped (Interactivities Ink)

  • By Mike Young
    • 4 players

Four people are trapped in an elevator. What secrets will be revealed.

A one-two hour game for 4 players and 1 GM.

The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf (2007, Team No Pants)

  • By Sage Shepperd, Joshua Sheena, Jaelen Hartwin, Nat Budin
    • 5 - 12 players
    • 2 hours

The Free Animals' Republic of Macdonald (F.A.R.M) Presents the Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, to be Immediately Followed by His Execution, in Celebration of Our First Anniversary

One year ago, Old MacDonald’s farm animals rose up against him, threw off the chains of agricultural oppression, and founded the overtly fascist Free Animals’ Republic of MacDonald. Today, on the first anniversary... (read more)

Trick or Treat is a game of fast paced, quickly changing interactive scenes. It is ideally used to hone improv skills and thinking on your feet. The encounters should happen quickly and only last a minute or two. Trick or treat is not a serious game and should be taken in a lighthearted manner.

Trick or Treat is a horde game. A horde game has a core set of player characters and a... (read more)

Triple Blind (2011, Interactivities Ink)

  • By Mike Young
    • 9 players

A diplomatic scenario takes a turn for the unusual. This experimental larp contains 9 characters split into thirds. The characters are randomly distributed so that even the GM doesn't know who is actually whom. 1 hour.

Designed to run without a GM.

An UnConventional Odyssey (Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich)

  • By Kirt Dankmyer, Jon Lemich
    • 5 - 12 players
    • 2 hours

UnConventional Odyssey is a game about three (or five) Vampire LARPers whose car breaks down on the way to a convention. They then encounter a wide variety of people and not-people (such as zombies), most of whom are useless in their quest to get to the con. These latter characters are the "Horde". The game requires anywhere from five to twelve players, as well as two... (read more)