Panel: the LARP (2000, Justin du Coeur)

Panel: the LARP is a 50-minute LARP in the form of a panel discussion, which satirizes both LARPs and panel discussions. It is a lightweight, easy to run filler game for a large number of players, which has run several times at LARP and science fiction conventions.

Panel is similar to a Horde game, in that it has a small number of Player Characters (the Panelists) and a large number of... (read more)

Penis Goes Where is a playing card based sex mechanic for LARPs.

Pizza Quest (Interactivities Ink)

  • By Philip Kelley

Pizza Quest is not so much a game as it is a simulation of real life. Practically everyone has gone through the pizza ordering process at least once: a group of people decide to order out for some pizza, and then spend the next hour or so arguing about what should be on it. Pizza Quest provides a set of rules that allows you to experience all the excitement, social interaction, and cutthroat... (read more)

The People of Earth are stupid. They have built a device that will destroy the universe. We are part of that universe and must stop them. Welcome to the post mortem meeting for Plan Eight and the discussion of Plan Nine. A two hour rules light LARP where Dilbert meets Ed Wood!

This game is set aboard the Alien Spaceships from the movie Plan Nine From Outer Space by the incomparable Ed... (read more)

A larp about being a dinosaur at the end of days, after the meteor fell. Learn about the last days and time inside the crater of a volcano.

content warnings include end times, confronting change and death

Resonance (2011, Alleged Entertainment)

Some would call it the end of the world. It was certainly the most drastic change in human history — more devastating than the atomic bomb, and more revolutionary than the information age. The highly psychoactive “Resonance Virus” has swept the globe, leaving no-one uninfected. The bio-engineered disease distorts memory, dissipates ego, and has resulted in…in…you can’t remember. You know this place —... (read more)

The Road Not Taken is an experimental LARP of decisions and emotions. In it, each player will have the opportunity to take the spotlight in a scene and make a tough decision. The game can handle 6-12 players.

The scenes in The Road Not Taken are not continuous. There is no continuity of plot or character for each scene. Before each scene, the players will get new characters specific to that... (read more)

The Road Not Taken - Additional Scenarios (Interactivities Ink)

  • By Aaron Vanek and Mike Young
    • 6 - 12 players

This is a set of 12 additional scenarios for The Road Not Taken. You may choose to run them with The Road Not Taken, giving everyone a chance to be the main character more than once, or to intersperse them with the other scenarios, allowing people to max and match.

The Road Not Taken is an experimental LARP of decisions and emotions. In it, each player will have the... (read more)

Rules To Live By (Revised Edition) (2013, Interactivities Ink)

  • By Mike Young, Sandy Antunes, John Kilgallon, and Dave Coleman

Rules to Live By (RTLB) is a set of generic rules for live action roleplaying games (LARPs).

This larp’s emphasis is heavily on discourse. So if you’re looking for action, it may not be for you.

A Serpent of Ash was originally created as a part of the Test Project on Larp Theories and Methods, and first run in Finland, at Ropecon 2006. It was designed to test the Process Model of Role-playing (Makela et al., 2005).

The larp will last for a maximum of two hours, but if it... (read more)