Before the Ordeal (2020, Jamey Patten)

As the last step before a squire's ordeal to earn their shield as a knight, they must cleanse themselves with a ritual bath, and be instructed in the code that they must soon swear to uphold. It is said that in this time of contemplation, the boundary between tomorrows and yesterdays is made thin, and knights-to-be can see visions of what their lives may be. It is also said that the count of those... (read more)

This scenario is a gathering of mice in a panel inside the wall. Outside, in the room, lies a multitude of cheese, sausage, and other foods. Unfortunately, patrolling around the food is a large, hungry cat. If the cat were belled, the mice could hear it coming and escape, but who is to bell the cat?

A couple of considerations: First, whichever mouse goes to bell the cat will die!... (read more)

A Birthday Surprise (1993, Gordon Olmstead-Dean)

  • By Kenneth Brown and Gordon Olmstead-Dean
    • 11 - 15 players
    • 6 hours

Fantasy-Horror author Grant Cochran is celebrating his birthday. One or two of his guests may have something to hide, and at least one of them plans to deliver a surprise. This is a serious/dramatic offering, chock full of suspense and angst.

A Birthday Surprise is a murder mystery which was written by Gordon Dean, and first produced by Kenneth Brown and Gordon Dean in 1986.

Bus Stop 25th Anniversary Edition (2018, Douglas Milewski)

  • By Douglas Milewski
    • 10 players
    • 30 minutes

This is a role-playing game. It exists for the enjoyment of the players, the enjoyment of the game runners, and hopefully, the recruitment of new players into the world of live- action gaming, no matter which flavor.

Nothing in this game is gospel. Nothing. Like a playground game, you can take this game as it is, or you can muck about with it. Mucking about with games is fun. So... (read more)

Tonight is the cast party for a small community theater in a large college town. Their latest show "The Night Watchman's Daughter" has just finished relatively successfully. It was well- reviewed, covered its costs through ticket sales, and even made enough money to pay for some food and booze for a nice cast party. The last showing has gone up and it's time to relax, hang out with... (read more)

City Council of Hound's Teeth (2004, Alleged Entertainment)

Every Thursday evening, the City Council of Hound's Teeth meet to discuss the issues of the week. This is an open meeting, and anyone who wants to ask something of the council is coming. From frantic farmers complaining about the zombie they saw traversing their field, to a new religion that wants to establish a temple, to a troupe of adventurers trying to free their party... (read more)

Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular is a 4-hour secrets and powers larp for for 14-22 players and 3 GMs. It is full of high weirdness and low melodrama. It is four hours of strange, silly fun with serious undercurrents and emotional attachments.

Colonel Sebastian T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular is is a work of fiction. The... (read more)

Here are three "games" we play when we are practicing our "boffer" swordplay. A "boffer" or live-combat game simulates combat by hitting your opponent with a padded weapon.

The purpose of these games is to help with your swordplay and team play. They are simple and fun, and light on plot. Remember, you will only get better if you... (read more)

The Creeping Mould (A Party Game) (1998, Interactivities Ink)

  • By Mike Young and Hal Bowman

This is a good game for a party or social gathering, since many players will not be actively involved in the plot, at least at first. As the GM, you will need to photocopy the information sheets many, many times. You will also need a good supply of two kinds of small stickers. I suggest green and red dots, but the decision is yours.

Dead Man's Party: Vincent Throws a Kegger! (1993, Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, Paul S. Dwyer, and Gordon Olmstead-Dean)

  • By Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, Paul S. Dwyer, and Gordon Olmstead-Dean
    • 50 players
    • 4 hours

Every year, the big names in horror wait expectantly for their invitations to the event of the season, Vincent Price’s “Dead Man’s Party.” This Halloween party is a veritable “Who’s Who” in the macabre field. Careers are made and broken by a single invitation, or the lack of one. These days, even being a gate crasher has become a... (read more)