Abattoir (Cattle and Death) (2000, Interactivities Ink)

  • By Mike Young and Scott David Grey

This game was written at Intercon XIV in Boston, Mass during a particularly interesting and enlightening opening ceremonies. At least, I assume it was enlightening and interesting; Scott and I were busy writing this game. For the record, Scott prefers the name Heiferdammerung. Feel free to refer to the game in any way you wish.

The game explores the last minutes of a herd of cattle as... (read more)

There was a deep darkness. Then a burning light. And now you're here.

Whatever you thought the afterlife would be, this isn't what you expected. Your soul feels restless, fraying. Unless you manage to connect it to a proper afterlife soon, you'll be stuck like this forever.

This is a mildly serious, vaguely philosophical game about exploring the afterlife, figuring out why you... (read more)

All The President's Zombies (2003, Mike Beddes)

  • By Mike Beddes
    • 8 players

Mr. President, we have zombies.

Welcome to the center of power in the free world. This adventure focuses on a meeting between the President of the United States and many of his top advisors. They are discussing the development of what seems to be zombies in the south.

The game calls for eight players and one Game Master, playing those advisors and the President. No other game masters are... (read more)

The Always Waltz is a horror/romance game set in a Napoleonic time period. It draws its inspiration from literature such as Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and films such as Labyrinth.

The Awful Truth (2006, Hank Kuhfeldt)

What is an addiction? Is it a chemical or mental dependence or is it a desire to return to a place where your hurts were less and you could be somebody? Why does the latchkey school boy day dream about faraway places and adventures on his own? Why does the junkie need that next fix? Where do you go when you dream? What about when you are high?

Faeries are real. They are not the sad sack parodies of life... (read more)

The Barbecue (2012, 2012 New England LARP Conference (NELCO), Build Your Own Game seminar)

It’s a quiet, sunny summer day in the suburbs. The monthly neighborhood barbecue (and pie contest) will be hosted by the Kessenich family this Sunday. The Rossi and Lee family will be in attendance as usual, along with the Kessenich’s new tenant Brittany.

This is a character-driven drama, lightly plotted with no magic or supernatural elements. The... (read more)

The Battle for Control Of The Soul of the Republican Party (John Corrado, Jr.)

  • By created by the Intercon 7.5 Build Your Own Game Panel and edited by John Corrado, Jr.

Pat Buchanan and Bob Dole have both called the 1996 Campaign a Battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party - eerie isnt it? Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail in 1996. The political amphibians play out a slimy battle for total control of the soul of the Republican Party. Ardent Fundamentalist Zealots wield plastic fetuses, and Rush... (read more)

Be the Change You Wish to Sea (2018, The Crystal GMs)

Sit down, you scattered sea-folk: listen as the Spirits sing of the world that was. Of green hills and sandy shores, now swallowed by the rolling waves; of the great cities of old, starting with the wondrous Atlantis, drowned long ago.

Nearly all of the land has sunk beneath the sea, and those who survive have been confined to ships, living as adventurous pirates; transformed into... (read more)

Before the Ordeal (2020, Jamey Patten)

As the last step before a squire's ordeal to earn their shield as a knight, they must cleanse themselves with a ritual bath, and be instructed in the code that they must soon swear to uphold. It is said that in this time of contemplation, the boundary between tomorrows and yesterdays is made thin, and knights-to-be can see visions of what their lives may be. It is also said that the count of those... (read more)

This scenario is a gathering of mice in a panel inside the wall. Outside, in the room, lies a multitude of cheese, sausage, and other foods. Unfortunately, patrolling around the food is a large, hungry cat. If the cat were belled, the mice could hear it coming and escape, but who is to bell the cat?

A couple of considerations: First, whichever mouse goes to bell the cat will die!... (read more)