Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich

Marlowe 2020 (2006, Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich)

  • By Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich
    • 12 - 24 players
    • 4 hours

Marlowe 2020 takes no less than three of Shakespeare's tragedies, throws in a drop here and there from a comedy and another tragedy, and blends the whole thing into a Shakespeare smoothie, with an extra kick: the whole thing is set in a cyberpunk future of corporate war and artificial intelligence. It's like an extra bit of rum to finish the whole thing off.

Marlowe 2020 is the... (read more)

An UnConventional Odyssey (Kirt Dankmyer and Jon Lemich)

  • By Kirt Dankmyer, Jon Lemich
    • 5 - 12 players
    • 2 hours

UnConventional Odyssey is a game about three (or five) Vampire LARPers whose car breaks down on the way to a convention. They then encounter a wide variety of people and not-people (such as zombies), most of whom are useless in their quest to get to the con. These latter characters are the "Horde". The game requires anywhere from five to twelve players, as well as two... (read more)