The Greater Trumps (1994, Ken Brown, Hugh Eckert, and Dave Singer)

  • By Ken Brown, Hugh Eckert, and Dave Singer

Each of the Major Arcana of the Tarot has its own story to tell. Taken together, they create a self-contained world, spinning in the formless void that gives birth to archetypes. This world is coming to an end. If nothing is done, all will be lost. A new world must be designed to replace the old; a hard enough task by itself, without the conflicts that have been simmering since the current world began. And there are some unfamiliar faces at the gathering...

Are you ready for the Storm?

The Larp Library version of The Greater Trumps stands as a memorial to G. David Singer, LARP writer, LARP video pioneer and student of the Tarot. He was a brilliant and generous man without whom this game would not exist.