Panel: the LARP (2000, Justin du Coeur)

Panel: the LARP is a 50-minute LARP in the form of a panel discussion, which satirizes both LARPs and panel discussions. It is a lightweight, easy to run filler game for a large number of players, which has run several times at LARP and science fiction conventions.

Panel is similar to a Horde game, in that it has a small number of Player Characters (the Panelists) and a large number of "horde" (the Audience). However, in this game (unlike most Horde games) each Audience member generally gets one character to play throughout. The interactions between the Panelists and the Audience usually include both serious discussion of the panel topic (with the problem that no one entirely agrees on what the topic is), with assorted chaos and interruptions interspersed as the Audience do their thing.