Justin du Coeur

Justin du Coeur (aka Mark Waks -- it's an SCA thing) has been LARPing since SILicon 3 in the late 80s, and writing games since 1992. Major games that he has written or co-authored include The Future of Oz, the Tabula Rasa series, Collision Imminent! and Girl Genius: Agatha Heterodyne and the Perfect Construct.

Panel: the LARP (2000, Justin du Coeur)

Panel: the LARP is a 50-minute LARP in the form of a panel discussion, which satirizes both LARPs and panel discussions. It is a lightweight, easy to run filler game for a large number of players, which has run several times at LARP and science fiction conventions.

Panel is similar to a Horde game, in that it has a small number of Player Characters (the Panelists) and a large number of... (read more)