A SERPENT OF ASH, version 1.5eng (2006, J. Tuomas Harviainen)

  • By J. Tuomas Harviainen

This larp’s emphasis is heavily on discourse. So if you’re looking for action, it may not be for you.

A Serpent of Ash was originally created as a part of the Test Project on Larp Theories and Methods, and first run in Finland, at Ropecon 2006. It was designed to test the Process Model of Role-playing (Mäkelä et al., 2005).

The larp will last for a maximum of two hours, but if it would be logical for your character to leave the room before that, feel free to do so and stick around at the edge so you can see and hear what happens.

The game mechanics used is called ”FreeComm”. Essentially, pain hurts and death kills. If you need to share off-game information, do it with statements that start with the word “Meta”. (For example: “Meta: I hit you”, after which the punch is performed through acting; or: “Meta: We’ve had an affair, right?” “Meta: Yeah.”)

If some information you consider necessary is missing from the character data, feel free to invent it if it does not directly affect your character’s relationship to the others and/or Timothy.

Two versions of this game are available: a PDF version for easy reading and a DOC version which can be edited to localize it for your run of the game.

This game may not be run for profit. Covering costs is fine, as is charity use, but not any inflated admission fees by a company that earns money by selling larps.