Holiday Season (Interactivities Ink)

  • By Mike Young

It all started when Moses Claus (of Chrismukkah) and Chanukah Harry hatched a plan. All of the winter holidays live in the shadow of Christmas, but Moses Claus saw which way the wind was blowing. It would be better to try to get a part of the psychic real estate by joining forces into a several month long holiday called Holiday Season.

So, he worked with Chanukah Harry to call a meeting of all the representatives of the holidays to try to find a way they can join forces. But, only Moses Claus and Chanukah Harry know that Moses Claus is not the real representative of Christmas.

Combining holidays has certainly been done before. Holidays change and grow. Many patriotic holidays, such as President’s Day are the result of the merger of holidays. This is a game of negotiations and contracts.

But then it gets worse. One by one, more Santa wannabes start entering the deliberations, and the characters must choose which one is the right Santa. Regardless of which one they choose, that is now Santa Claus, the representative of Christmas. This could radically change what we think of Christmas.