The Road Not Taken (2008, Interactivities Ink)

The Road Not Taken is an experimental LARP of decisions and emotions. In it, each player will have the opportunity to take the spotlight in a scene and make a tough decision. The game can handle 6-12 players.

The scenes in The Road Not Taken are not continuous. There is no continuity of plot or character for each scene. Before each scene, the players will get new characters specific to that scene. Think of the game as 6-12 mini LARPs each lasting about 10 minutes, but building to a whole.

In each scene, one player will be in the spotlight, the one making the decision. The other players play voices, the inner voices that guide us all when we make decisions.

Thanks to Laura Young for additional ideas for choices.

Thanks to the players of the inaugural Intercon Mid-Atlantic run: Laura Boylan, Nat Budin, Kirt Dankmyer, Hugh Eckert, Sami Genstein, Brandon Grinslade, Russ Hanoman, Jason Hubbard, Timothy Lasko, Moira Parham, Jaelen Hartwin, and Susan Weiner.

Thanks to Alleged Entertainment for developing the 10 Bad LARPs format.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.