The Awful Truth (2006, Hank Kuhfeldt)

What is an addiction? Is it a chemical or mental dependence or is it a desire to return to a place where your hurts were less and you could be somebody? Why does the latchkey school boy day dream about faraway places and adventures on his own? Why does the junkie need that next fix? Where do you go when you dream? What about when you are high?

Faeries are real. They are not the sad sack parodies of life that some games make them out to be, nor are they merely carefree sprites that exist only in fantasy literature. Their world is alluring and beautiful, but also fraught with its own troubles. From talking cats to sentient automatons, the Realm of the Rose Queen beckons those who wish to explore its wonders. Some even manage to find things they can take back to the mundane world with them. Things like peace, hope, and joy.

The Awful Truth explores one world of a waking dream that draws ordinary people in from their ordinary problems, and gives them an extraordinary place to be different than they are in our reality. Come and explore the realm of the Rose Queen and discover what the Awful Truth may be.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.