Hank Kuhfeldt

Ran some games once upon a time. Ran at IMA 2005-2007, Intercon (insert letter) something or other. Written and GMed for 1948: Signals, Threads of Damocles, Xanodria Productions Inc., Ran the LARPA New Jersey Gamelift in 2009

The Awful Truth (2006, Hank Kuhfeldt)

What is an addiction? Is it a chemical or mental dependence or is it a desire to return to a place where your hurts were less and you could be somebody? Why does the latchkey school boy day dream about faraway places and adventures on his own? Why does the junkie need that next fix? Where do you go when you dream? What about when you are high?

Faeries are real. They are not the sad sack parodies of life... (read more)

Flew the Coop (2006, Hank Kuhfeldt)

  • By Henry Kuhfeldt
    • 5 - 15 players
    • 90 minutes

Based on cartoon chicken characters, Flew the coop is a silly game about the goings on in a chicken pen on a farm.