Bruce Glassco

Nepenthe (1995, Bruce Glassco)

  • By Bruce Glassco
    • 13 players

Nepenthe is a game designed to be run at a gaming or S/F convention, although with a few modifications it could also easily be run at someone’s home. It generally takes about 3-4 hours to play. It works very well as a pick-up game for LARPing novices at an SF con. The game is real-time, real-space – with a bit of minimal preparation you should be able to keep the use of “item cards” to a minimum, so that what... (read more)

Strangers on a Bus (1995, Bruce Glassco)

  • By Bruce Glassco
    • 5 players

Strangers on a Bus is an example of a micro game: a game that involves minimal time in writing, set-up, and play. It is designed to introduce new players to some of the most basic concepts of live gaming, through the hoary cliche of switched briefcases. In a sense, it is live action in its most stripped down form, being to a real game what a roller skate is to a Rolls-Royce.

A Microgame for 5 players... (read more)