4 Bad LARPs in 40 Bad Minutes (2007, Alleged Entertainment)

“I’m GM Central!”
“And I’m The Boffer!”
“And you’re listening to … WLRP! All LARP! All the Time!”

[chicken sound effect]

“Hey Boffer! I heard about this new game called 4 Bad LARPs in 40 Bad Minutes!”
“That sounds pretty awful, GM Central. Why would anyone want to play in that?”
“I’m not so sure myself. Says here it includes stuff like, um… The War on Christmas.”
“Yeah, and what’s this? Abortion Clinic: the LARP?”

[toilet sound effect]

“OK, well, it’s at Warchester Polymorphic Institution or something. At this SLAW thingy they’ve got going on over there. So if you’re in the area…”
“Yeah, like if your car broke down on 290 or something…”
“Right. Maybe you should hitchhike over there and check it out.”
“If you haven’t got anything better to do.”


“OK, that’s it for the LARP calendar. Join us tomorrow when we’ll be interviewing the ghost of Intercon Mid-Atlantic.”
“For now, I’m GM Central.”
“And Iiiiii’m The Boffer!”
“Peace out.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: This series of games is intended for mature audiences. It is a work of satire and does not reflect the authors’ actual views! Neither Alleged Entertainment nor the authors of the 10 Bad LARPs series endorse racism, sexism, violence, terrorism, the Holocaust, or any of the other horrible things we depict in these games.


  • “You broke my brain.” – Sam Hariton
  • “Don’t they have asylums for people like you?” – Andrew Zorowitz
  • “When does the hurting stop?” Josh Marcus


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.