10 Bad LARPs in 100 Bad Minutes (2005, Alleged Entertainment)

Ever been talking to a friend at Intercon and come up with the world’s worst LARP idea that neither of you will ever, ever, EVER write? So have we. In fact, here’s ten of them. From “Football: the Musical” to “Ku Klux Klan Press Conference” to “MetametametametametaLARP LARP,” this game has it all.

WARNING: This is an adult game. It contains offensive themes, blatant sexuality, violence, racism, sexism, ageism, and pretty much any other “ism” that offends people. It’s all in the spirit of lighthearted fun, though.

This series of games is intended for mature audiences. It is a work of satire and does not reflect the authors’ actual views! Neither Alleged Entertainment nor the authors of the 10 Bad LARPs series endorse racism, sexism, violence, terrorism, the Holocaust, or any of the other horrible things we depict in these games.


  • “The most fun I had at Intercon E…terrific.” – Mike Young
  • “Inspired lunacy…you really must catch it if you can, even if only to watch.” – Gordon Olmstead-Dean
  • “I had an awesome time.” – Laura Boylan
  • “It was … special.” – Erin Price
  • “The energy level was high and frenetic and the characters and concepts were fun and crazy.” – Shaughn Bryant
  • “I’m glad I stayed in.” – Travis Seifman
  • “Your ability to find the silly in the serious will take you far!” – Fortune Cookie